The cokemaking industry has seen the classification of a number of tar-based coke plant wastes as being either toxic, hazardous or requiring special handling. Environmental regulatory agencies have placed increasingly stringent restrictions on the handling, storage and disposal of these waste products. Currently, tar- decanter sludge (TDS) is classified as a “listed” hazardous waste that must be recycled within the coke plant in an approved manner, or transported to an approved secure landfill. Other tar sludges are often considered troublesome for disposal because they require special handling.

The AKJ process is a patented process that is used to convert TDS and other tar wastes into a pumpable fuel that has multiple alternative uses within an integrated steel plant. Other waste materials, i.e., tar tank deposits, tank car deposits, terminal treatment sludge and coke plant waste pond material, have been successfully processed into beneficial liquid fuels.

AKJ Industries currently has six operating plants within the United States, with more scheduled for construction in the near future.

 Over 30 years managing & processing hydrocarbon haz waste
 Award winning patented process recognized by steel industry & refiners alike
 Innovators in impoundment pond reclaimation
 100’s of millions of gallons of waste converted into high BTU fuel
 On site in mill processing avoids transportation & disposal costs & associated risks to our environment – View Document
 Utilizes a Patented Process for Recycle of Tar Decanter Sludge View Document
 Recycles Tar Tank Cleaning and Other Wastes