Where there is sludge, there is an option.

To AKJ, recycle means return, not just in terms of raw material, but in terms of bottom line impact. While most environmental companies specialize in removal, AKJ specializes in recovery. Depending upon material origination, AKJ has an innovative solution to recapture valuable hydrocarbons for product recovery. Processed material is suitable for re-introduction into cat crackers, to slop oil tanks, to the crude supply, to the coker, to the solvent de-asphalter, to other process streams, or as a high BTU quality alternative fuel for boiler or cement kiln consumption.

AKJ has developed its CPR 2000T specifically for petroleum tank sludges. A unique patented process that involves a series of specially designed pumps and mills which fluidize sludges for solid size reduction that was previously unattainable in the industry. This allows 100% recovery of all material. AKJ utilizes this with conventional technology to deliver the most cost effective solution. Other options include centrifuging, screening, and/or heating. The CPR 2000T incorporates all these solutions in a mobile unit.

Vertical Integration of Services- AKJ closes the loop. AKJ’s comprehensive approach to providing you a solution starts with the product removal. Full trained and qualified personnel handle the job from the cleaning, removal, and inspection of the tank until the recycled product reaches its intended end use.